Better Life Technology's G-Floor Installation Services


The best solution for a successful G-Floor Installation is to do it right the first time with BLT Certified Installers.

What are the advantages of using a Certified G-Floor Installer?

  1. Peace of Mind -- Our installers are G-FLOOR Certified experts with many years of experience. Several of our installers have been installing vinyl for decades. You'll notice the difference, and your customer will too.
  2. Precision G-Floor Training -- G-FLOOR is unlike any sheet vinyl in the world. As such, even a 20 year vinyl veteran can make simple mistakes if not trained on the specifics of this product. Our Certified Installers are trained with the knowledge of G-FLOOR to notice the fine details and make sure your floor is installed correctly.
  3. Client Trust -- When clients know you have a Certified Installer for their project, it creates a trust that won't happen when using a run-of-the-mill Joe that's just a "flooring guy".

To get an idea on the steps and time required for a typical installation, check out the following:

Average 500 sq ft Installation for Certified Installer:

  1. FLOOR PREP (2-4 hours)
    • Removing old floor and any underlayment (if applicable)
    • Moisture & Acidity Level Test
    • Floor Leveling (raising dips and grinding down bumps)
    • Sweep/Mop floor for best installation results

  2. G-FLOOR LAYOUT (1-2 hours)
    • Ensuring G-Floor is unrolled & acclimated
    • Direct panel placement based on final approved layout
    • Perfectly squaring center panel for accurate installation
    • Rough trimming around walls, objects, doors, etc.

    • Folding back G-Floor without kinking the vinyl
    • Using proper adhesive for install application
    • Knowing correct thickness when laying adhesive as well as proper flash time for best adhesion results
    • Laying G-Floor on top of adhesive, lining up material so that when a double cut is made, the image lines up to give a seamless look

    • Using a 55-lb roller, roll all air bubbles out of floor
    • Double Cut G-Floor along seams in panels for seamless image
    • Cold Weld seams to seal panels
    • Final trimming of G-Floor to fit exact measurements of the floor

  5. CLEANUP (Up to 1 hour)
    • Remove excess scrap floor
    • Wipe down seams of excess seam weld
    • Wash floor with mop or other cleaning device
    • Clean tools

This means BLT's Certified Installation would only take 7-12 hours! How long will your DIY or non-certified installation take? Save the hassle and use a BLT Certified Installer for your next install!

Contact Tony Spracklin, our Installation Manager, at for more information and/or a quote for an install.