G-Floor Graphic

Solid and Simple

Absolute White is designed as a first surface print product for those without white capabilities. Suitable for solvent and UV inks, Absolute White is a 75 mil base product with 100% through color. Its anti-chalking, all weather formulation allows for extended outdoor life. The Absolute White option is a clean-cut and highly versatile medium that can be applied to absolutely any floor. Because of the versatility of the flooring, it can be custom designed with logos and graphics as well, to enhance its utility in your space. Additionally, the repositionable nature of the flooring allows you to move it as needed.

Printable Solids Printable Flooring Products
ImageItem No.ProductColor/AppearanceThicknessWidthLength
PM75CT-1061AW  - Absolute White – Ceramic Tile - White PM75CT-1061AW Absolute White – Ceramic TileWhite75 mil10 ft61 ft
PM85SS-1061AW  - Absolute White –  Super Smooth - White PM85SS-1061AW Absolute White – Super SmoothWhite85 mil10 ft61 ft
PM85SS-510AW  - Absolute White – Super Smooth - White PM85SS-510AW Absolute White – Super SmoothWhite85 mil5 ft10 ft


Absolute White Repositionable Flooring Benefits

G-Floor Graphic's Absolute White material is a highly dense, lightweight, durable and flexible. It is extruded as a clean, solid sheet of Absolute White material, meaning that the sheets do not have seams, creases, breaks or layers. It is a solid layer of polyvinyl that cannot be broken, dented, stained, ripped, or scratched. The waterproof material has a long lifespan, which means that you will rarely -- if ever -- have to replace the material, as long as it is taken care of. Additionally, the floor has the option to have top coating material added to it, allowing it to be even more resistant to outdoor conditions like water and UV sun. This topcoat was originally designed to be a anti-graffiti coating, which means it makes it impossible to be permanently marred by markings, stains or UV damage. While the normal material has a long-life and resistance to stains, the top coating literally seals the deal, making outdoor applications just as long-lasting as indoor flooring options.