G-Floor Graphic

The G-Floor Advantage

G-Floor Graphic printable display media products allows your counter/display advertising or branding to go further by reducing wear on your mats while bringing in more business for your company. The benefit that G-Floor Graphic brings that other flooring companies just can't match is the amount of protection that our products bring. With the thickest wear-layer in the world, our products are guaranteed to outlast and outperform any other supplier of printable counter and display media. No matter what kind of display you have, there is always the chance that it will be damaged, dinged, dented, cracked, split, or otherwise broken. G-Floor Graphic's protective materials can prevent any trauma from having a lasting effect.

Printable Counter & Display Media Products
ImageItem No.ProductColor/AppearanceWidthLength
CS35WG5425CC - Clear Stock Cover - Clear CS35WG5425CC Clear Stock CoverClear25 ft54 in
GFBT5425MBIC - BackTract - Anti Slip Material for Backing with Clear Adhesive - Midnight Black GFBT5425MBIC BackTract - Anti Slip Material for Backing with Clear AdhesiveMidnight Black25 ft54 in


Benefits of G-Floor Graphic's Display Media

The G-Floor Graphic line features a protective layer of polyvinyl material that is extruded in thick, solid sheets. This means that the entirety of the surface is one large sheet. This provides a protective barrier between external trauma and the image of the display. If something bangs into G-Floor Graphic, it will leave no lasting marks on the graphic itself. This makes the G-Floor Graphic flooring option singular in it's strength and utility when it comes to display media.

How it Differs

Most display media is created by putting the image on a layer of filler foam that provides padding on the back and then covering the image with a thin layer of protective gloss. This foam and the gloss makes the image display look fantastic -- but only for a short time. The first sign of strain, wear, or tear and the display will end up in tatters.

The foam layers are a quick and cheap way to make a floor look solid, but actually not have any lasting value. Adhesives used to glue these layers together can easily be torn apart and leave your display counter looking terrible. However, with G-Floor Graphic's printable counter and display media option, you can pull, tug, tear, rip, and yank all you want, but the solid sheet of polyvinyl will not give in. The material is extruded in a single, solid sheet. No fillers, no creases, and no breaks; your counter or printable display will always be in one, easily moved place.

A New Advertising Avenue

With G-Floor Graphics printable counter and display media, you can make your counters are walking areas work for you in an advertising capacity. With numerous surfaces capable of being protected by the G-Floor advantage, your options for advertising are only as limited as your imagination. Wherever you have a surface that is often used or looked at, you can use G-Floor Graphic to create opportunity.

If you want to learn more about our materials, check out our comprehensive line of products. You can also contact us or check out our gallery for some examples of the great work we are doing. If you want more information or find a distributor in your area, check out our distributor locator and resources tabs.