G-Floor Graphic

Picking the Right Accessory

Though our products can be made in solid sheets as wide as 10ft, you will likely need to bind seams in areas with larger square footage. This is where our specialized tapes come in handy. Our tape products are waterproof acrylic adhesive glass cloth strips that create a like-permanent bond between seams. The tape can last as long as our solid polyvinyl flooring, making it the perfect pairing with our stellar products. Our tape products may not be necessary for all flooring projects, but they have extraordinary utility when laying a new G-Floor surface. Each project requires a customized touch, so make sure you assess your needs for the floor laying project before you begin. Make sure that you look more into our tape products and their utility value before you begin so that you have the right tools for the job. Alternatively, you can contact us for more information on what accessories might be best suited for your project.

Tape Accessories Products
ImageItem No.ProductColor/AppearanceDescriptionSize
GFTP30 - G-Floor Seaming Tape  - White GFTP30 G-Floor Seaming Tape WhiteA waterproof acrylic adhesive glass-cloth tape used to create a like-permanent bond between seams. It can be cut through to separate the seams without damage. The tape has adhesive on only one side and can withstand extreme temperatures.