G-Floor Graphic

The Right Tool for the Job

Adhesives are special binding agents used to permanently install G-Floor Graphic products. The adhesives come in a variety of application formats, which means that you can use the application delivery format that best suits your project. The adhesives are specifically concocted to serve as the optimal pairing with our line of G-Floor Graphic products to make them last.

Whether you need a classic pressure-sensitive adhesive for indoor display surfaces or exposed outdoor locations, our adhesive works in almost any application. Formulated to work with roll out vinyl, floor tiles and carpet squares for a strong bond that lasts just as long as our strong and durable G-Floor Graphic flooring.

Because of the specialized uses that our flooring adhesives offer, a proper application delivery format must be utilized to get the most out of the adhesive. Because some of our adhesives are more suited for outdoor or indoor projects respectively, it is necessary to choose the right one out of our myriad selection. The proper type of application delivery format must be used for certain projects, so make sure you contact us with any questions you might have about what is best for your project. Check out our full line of adhesive accessories below to get a better idea of what we have to offer.

Adhesive Accessories Products
ImageItem No.ProductColor/AppearanceDescriptionGrade
GFPSA5460IC - G-Floor Sheet Pressure Sensitive Adhesive - Permanent Clear GFPSA5460IC G-Floor Sheet Pressure Sensitive AdhesivePermanent ClearA high performance intermediate tackified acrylic adhesive which exhibits high initial tack, as well as ultimate adhesion. This product has double-sided mounting adhesive and is designed to meet the demanding requirements of most high traffic environments.