G-Floor Graphic

G-Floor Accessories

Though G-Floor Graphic prides itself on being easy to install and manage, sometimes you need an extra accessory to optimize the product. The accessories will be subjective to the situation and type of flooring that you are looking to install, so make sure you contact us for more information on which of these accessories might be suited for your project. These accessories can be purchased in different quantities and packages, so make sure you check out the comprehensive view of all of our offerings by clicking through to the relevant categories. Many of these accessories will be necessary to most projects.



Adhesives are special binding agents used to permanently install G-Floor Graphic products. The adhesives come in a variety of application formats, which means that you can use the application delivery format that best suits your project. The proper type of application delivery format must be used for certain projects, so make sure you contact us with any questions you might have about what is best for your project. Some of our adhesives are more suited for outdoor projects, while others are stronger in climate-controlled areas.


Though our products can be made in solid sheets as wide as 10ft, you will likely need to bind seams in areas with larger square footage. This is where our specialized tapes come in handy. Our tape products are waterproof acrylic adhesive glass cloth strips that create a like-permanent bond between seams. The tape can last as long as our solid polyvinyl flooring, making it the perfect pairing with our stellar products.


The G-Floor Graphic TopCoat stain blocker is a high-gloss stain shielding product that is designed to protect your floor from stains, prolonged exposure to moisture or UV light. The TopCoat can be factory applied for maximum results. Alternatively, it can also be applied to existing floors that have already been installed. The benefit to the G-Floor TopCoat is that it is absolutely and 100% stain resistant. The material was originally created as an anti-graffiti coating, meaning that at its compositional core, it will defend against the most permanent of stains.


G-Floor Graphic trims are used as a final finishing for edges, center seams and flooring breaks. The trim is highly durable and impervious to water damage. It is made out of a solid polyvinyl material and comes with a lifetime warranty. Because of the durability of the trims, they are perfect pairings for our wildly solid polyvinyl G-Floor. Trims can be used on most projects for a finishing touch and an added measure of assurance that the flooring will not be damaged with extensive use.


G-Floor Graphic's BackTract material is a rayon fabric that is coated with a semi-rough black polyvinyl material. This makes the backing particularly slip-resistant. Because of this, BackTract is perfect for moveable floorings and temporary floorings using our G-Floor material.